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      Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I'm no quantum physicist, but I continuously thirst for insight into a conversation I had with my brother. Well, my dead brother, actually. In a dream, he told me that he comes to me by changing the environment of my dreams. He drove home this point by telling me to climb the ladder into my parents' attic and upon popping my head through the hatchway, I saw him swinging on a large board and rope swing, dragging his feet through a cloud, with the ropes stretching up to infinity. He told me to tell my sister that this is how he talks to us.
      He stressed that I can't come to him, but he often comes to me. That really puzzled me. Why was it such a one-sided equation? Years later, I saw a television show about researchers introducing electromagnetic stimulation to the temporal lobes of schizophrenics. Those test subjects said they experienced heaven, hell and all kinds of other places even though they never physically left the room. I wondered if this was the method my brother used to speak with me. Did he use his energy to stimulate my temporal lobe to see him? Did he know an electromagnetic frequency associated with physical existence?
      This wondering lead me to believe our communication was connected to the difference between flat space and curved space, a brain trapped in an existence verses one that was not. I went to a large national bookstore and skimmed through several books regarding dimensions, matter, gravity and of course, Einstein's Theory of Relativity. When I later looked back through the Theory of Relativity to make sure that I hadn't inadvertently quoted anything, my friend and neighbor who frequented the store with me, laughed and said, "For crying out loud, you're just a housewife. Do you honestly think that you go around quoting Einstein?"
      "Well, I'm not just a housewife, there's nothing just about being everything to everyone. I'm sure there's a quantum equation in there somewhere." I didn't know how to tell her that while she enjoyed spiritual fulfillment with feel-good memoirs, I was on a quest to find out how I was talking to my dead brother.
      It was on that day that I discovered the Einstein-Rosen Bridge. I didn't have time to read all about it, so I drew a copy of the bridge map which was essentially an "X" with Past and Present labeled on the right and left sides, and Universe A and Universe B on the top and bottom. The intersection of the "X" was a black hole, infinite gravity where as one universe collapsed, the other expanded. Well, that made sense to me except for the fact that the only thing that could travel through a black hole was a photon, or particle of light. What could be in a particle of light?
      At breakfast the next day, after the kids were off to school and my husband back to work, I took out the Einstein-Rosen Bridge diagram that had been paper clipped into a notebook assigned to the quest. When I pulled on the folded map, the bent end of the paper clip tore through the page and poked through both sides of the map. Having two little boys, I was used to less than perfect pages, so I flattened the map on the kitchen table, making note of the holes in both Universe A and B, and poured a second cup of coffee. I don't think I actually drank the coffee because I experienced one of those moments of clarity that you get when the world is quiet and still and you alone have figured out a secret that has possibly eluded the rest of mankind. I went back to the table, folded the map backwards so that Universe A and B were visible and stuck my finger through the tiny hole making it larger. Flipping the folded map around on my finger, I noted that my finger had traveled from Universe A to Universe B instantaneously, in theory of course. If only a photon can get through the black hole, then you have to take gravity out of the picture so that matter, my finger, can slip through dimensions. How do you take gravity out of the picture? I could think of two ways, either leave earth's atmosphere or use principals currently available for levitation.
      If Universe A and B were actually dimensions existing on earth and around earth's electromagnetic poles, they would each have a frequency, like an address. If you knew the address, or frequency, you could set your temporal lobe, just like they did to the schizophrenics, and remote view the other dimension. If you broke the boundaries of gravity at the same time, your body would go there, too. We all learned in school that matter always takes the path of least resistance because of gravity, so if gravity wasn't a factor, matter should travel from Universe A to B without unexpected detours of essential body parts.
      Unfortunately, in the Philadelphia Experiment (if you believe it actually took place), gravity wasn't removed, so not all of each person came back. You need a way to reset the temporal lobe frequency while in the other dimension or you'll be lost. The idea that a frequency is required for a return trip came from the captain of a boat we chartered in the Florida Keys. He explained how he could always return to the right seasonal fishing spots by keeping the coordinates in his GPS log. Global position coordinates tell you where you are and where you need to go. Dimensional frequencies are just coordinates on a map for your brain.
      Why haven't we found any life beyond earth? There's nothing out there. It's all right here in different dimensions, humans, aliens, and even my brother. By not being confined by gravity, and a brain's translation of reality, he can go to every side of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge, every universe, past and future. He can do this because he is the light, the photon, the infinite existence that has total knowledge and complete freedom. Maybe that's what Jesus meant by, "I am the light." Perhaps the bright light reported in near-death experiences is the light of souls crossing the bridge.
      Regardless of your background, you better hang on to your personal beliefs because Harmonic Pulse is a finely woven tapestry of science fact and fiction, love and deception that tests the fibers of all existence as we approach the Mayan End Day and the Zero Effect that will cancel the stabilizing force of earth's electromagnetic poles. What would you do? Read Harmonic Pulse today.

Doris James

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